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About Us

Regional Simulation Project in the South East

We are a Multi-Professional, Service-User Focused Network, agile, collaborative, and aspirational, working – with both staff and those prepared to share their lived experience –  to coordinate, develop, monitor & improve, healthcare simulation & human factors interventions in education, research, and improvement to the evaluated benefit of the community.

Our aim is proactive building of capability, helping ensure everyone is aware of and optimising accessing their local resources as well as linking with regional & national resources, recognising that expertise, resources, access, and innovation are widespread but uneven. We were successful in our first phase of faculty expertise and pump-priming for a limited set of equipment and deliver a programme targeted at simulation for mental health, both to raise awareness and address equity of access, and to demonstrate the value of simulation and the project and network.

In the final phase of the project our focus is on continued networking, conversation starting, the Advanced Procedural Skills Centre, Simulated Patients, the annual conference and of course many other exciting developments as a result of engaging dialogues within the Simulation Network.


Meet The CCCU Team

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